Does insurance actually cover cosmetic surgery?


There are many people that are wondering if their insurance will pay for cosmetic surgery like Breast Augmentation and lipo suction. There are many aspects of the different cosmetic surgery that you need to know about, before you can understand what type of cosmetic surgery insurances will actually pay. And, this is because depends on the type of insurance that you have. Here is some information that will make you understand more about the insurances and cosmetic surgery.


The reason for your cosmetic surgery

Most of the time insurance companies don’t really cover cosmetic surgeries. But, there are some exclusions to this rule. It really depends on some facts.

The first thing that an insurance company will consider, if the cosmetic surgery is life threatening. For example, if a woman has breast cancer, the insurance company will consider breast augmentation, because this operation can make her look normal again.

However, if a woman just wants larger bust size, and she doesn’t have cancer, it will be cosmetic surgery and the insurance will not pay for this type of surgery. This isn’t life threatening, and doesn’t have a direct effect on her health.

The type of insurance that you have

There are some great insurances that are willing to pay for cosmetic surgery if you and your medical team are able to motivate the reason for the surgery. The problem with these insurance companies is that they are really expensive and not everyone can actually afford to have this insurance company. They might even approve cosmetic surgeries like Liposuction if your doctor can motivate why you need to have the operation.

But, there are insurance companies that don’t allow cosmetic surgeries, No matter what surgery is. Not even if a doctor can really motivate the reason for the operation. This is the type of insurance company that most of us are using, because they are the most affordable to most of us.

What about gender reassignment surgery?

This is a very sensitive case, and even insurance companies are seeing this as sensitive. However, there are still many discussions around this type of cosmetic surgery. Some insurance companies are seeing this surgery as necessary and they will pay a certain amount of money for the surgery. However, there are some insurances that are not see gender reassignment surgery as necessary and see it more as cosmetic surgery and only allowing breast augmentation surgeries.

They are normally not agreeing to this type of surgery. This is why you need to make sure that you’re doing your research before you apply for the gender reassignment surgery from your insurance company.

Many people have questions about the cosmetic surgeries and the insurances. Some insurance companies are allowing cosmetic surgery if a doctor can motivate the importance of the surgery. But, this isn’t something that many insurances are allowing. When they hear the word cosmetic surgery they are declining immediately. Then, even breast augmentation isn’t allowed by the insurances and you will need to pay for it, yourself. See why ?