Is Liposuction Valuable in The Treatment of Diabetes?

When you are overweight, obese or simply have a large amount of belly fat here are some major risk factors going on for you to possibly develop Type 2 diabetes If you have it there is a very large possibility that you could also end up being unable to control the diabetes, this is where liposuction may be able to help you.

Is liposuction safe?

While liposuction is not something you can use as a substitute for dieting and exercising it can help get rid of the fat so help get your health on the right track. Liposuction came along after some of its other cosmetic surgery friends like breast augmentation and was introduced in the 19080’s. It is considered safe and today can be performed with a minimal amount of later discomfort.

Complications of liposuction to watch for:

• Infection
• Stitches pulling out
• Bleeding
• Death of skin cells
• Pockets of blood
• Pockmarked appearance

So can liposuction help with diabetes?

There was a study that appeared in the Wound repair and regeneration journal in 2010 that took a direct look at what happened when fat was taken from diabetics with foot ulcers.Please take a visit at to get more information.

The study basics:

• Twenty-six diabetic patients were given autografts, also known as tissue taken from their own bodies. For this study it was fat tissue taken and then implanted into to their foot ulcers.

• The other 26 received the normal care.

Study results:

After eight weeks it was found that the cells were reproducing 28% faster in the group that had been given an autograft. Not only was that, but the group able to produce 44% more collagen by week eight. Collagen is a protein that is crucial in forming connective tissue in the skin and bones. It is a must have for wound healing.

In the group that was given an autograft they had 100% wound healing compared to only 62% of those in the group that just got the regular standard care given currently. With this kind of results those who have done the study can conclude that the fat stimulated fibroblasts the cells that make collagen to heal wounds. Read their reviews for more detailed information.


With this kind of result noted the facts show that liposuction could prove to be a helpful tool in controlling Type 2 diabetes. Not only does this prove that it can aid in the healing of foot ulcers, including those that are caused by diabetes. While more studies need to be done and this is not a miracle cure for those fighting with Type 2 diabetes and its complications it is a step in the right direction.

The study shows that liposuction will help and lead to future breakthroughs in control of Type 2 diabetes. However, the most important way to help control your type 2 diabetes is proper diet and exercise, do not depend only on liposuction. If you have questions about your health or treatment you should talk to your Doctor. Innovation is out there and you should not be afraid to explore your options, but always speak with your medical professional about them directly.

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