Medical Tourism: Are Plastic Surgery Vacations Safe?

Every day we hear stories about cosmetic procedures such as Breast Augmentation or Liposuction that transform the lives of people: women who have undergone weight reduction procedures to finally stay healthy for the first time in years; mothers who regained their confidence after spending the last two decades focused on their children; and breast cancer survivors who regained her curves through the reconstruction of breasts procedure after undergoing a mastectomy. Medical side, there is also the wonderful philanthropic work that our doctors perform; traveling around the world and providing health care for those in need.

These stories are exciting and incredibly inspiring, but there is a different side of plastic surgery that casts a shadow over these positive shifts.

But in many cases abroad, the reality is very different

We can see the headlines often: stories of women who have suffered permanent damage (or sometimes even death) after undergoing unsafe cosmetic procedures in an effort to save money abroad.

Cosmetic surgery abroad can be very dangerous because the standards vary from one country to another. It is essential that patients seek by plastic surgeons certified by the councils of local medicine, regardless of where they are performing the procedure. Patient safety should be your highest priority.

Patients are prey to unlicensed doctors because they mistakenly believe that anyone with a medical degree can perform any surgical procedure safely even if it is a “simple” Breast Augmentation.There is a need for countries to establish strict regulations controlling who can perform plastic surgery procedures and surgical environments in which they can be realized.

Understand the main procedures.

Liposuction is a surgical removal of localized fat, that is, it is meant those people who have excess fat in specific body areas.

Types: Classical tummy tuck: A tummy tuck, also known as abdomino-plasty, is a surgical procedure that aims to remove sagging muscles and excess skin in the abdominal region, factors occurring after […]

Breast Augmentation is the name given to plastic surgery performed on human breast and may be increased when added to materials such as silicone, or reduced, when the physician removes part of the breast. Read more here.

 Buttock Implant

It is surgery to increase butt size; it is usually used by women whose age does not exceed 30 years, but is also sought by men.

 Nose job

Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is possibly the most common plastic surgery worldwide. It can lower the nose or increase it the patient’s nose size, change the format and even fix skin.

 Dermal Fillers or wrinkle reduction – body

One option for those suffering with the appearance of the hands is fat grafting or fat grafting. The plastic surgeon removes a small amount of fat in a desired location and does wrinkle reduction.

 Dermal Fillers or wrinkle reduction – face

The facial rejuvenation surgery is one of the most accomplished today. The new concepts of aesthetic surgery of the face are increasingly seeking natural results.

The bottom line

No procedure is simple. Even Wrinkle reduction could end up costing your life if done by someone who does not have the proper ability or equipment to do it. Beware!

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