Breast Augmentation Before and After Preparations – What to Expect

Women undergoing breast augmentation will find it isn’t like the television. You don’t go in hospital one day and that’s it all done; it’s a little more complex than that. Deciding on augmentation is a big decision to make simply because it’s life changing. For example, women who feel as though they have nothing can feel it’s a big boost to their self-esteem. However, too many women aren’t sure what to expect so what’s involved?

You Must Be Prepared Mentally and Physically

A crucial part of the preparation process is being ready for the change and not just physically. Most women think if they’re in good physical health, they are ready to undergo surgery, but that is far from the truth. A woman must be both physically and mentally prepared for the change ahead and it is such a big change too. Yes, its breast augmentation but it isn’t just making a minor change. Also, there are a variety of reasons why a woman undergoes breast surgery and those circumstances can be very emotionally. Doctors always look at preparing a woman for surgery and ensure they are comfortable before proceeding.

Choosing the Type of Implant

Women can choose from silicone implants or saline implants and there can be a slight difference between the two. One important part of the process before surgery is of course choosing the type of implant. Now, doctors don’t choose the implant, it’s usually down to the woman and what she feels is right for her. Doctors can however assist in this decision and offer some advice but usually it’s the woman who makes the final call on such things.Read more here!

The Size of the Implant

Silicone gel breast implantAnother important factor women need to look into is the actual size of the breast implant. Sizes can vary but it would be wise to note your implant needs to fit your body. Have you ever seen a woman with breast augmentation and find it just doesn’t look right or natural? Well, that can happen so it’s best to think very carefully over your sizes. You may feel comfortable going up one size or two. If you aren’t sure, a doctor can allow you to discuss your options and may give you special implants to try at home to see how comfortable you feel with a certain size.

After Surgery

Despite it being cosmetic surgery, it’s still surgery, so your body will feel the effects. Your body may be a little sore in the chest and even the back areas which is why you have to take a lot of rest over the next week or two. You might feel fine, but again, it’s best to take a few days to recover so that you’re in top form later. Continue reading on

Surgery Can Be Tough So Take Care

Every woman goes through a unique experience when undergoing breast augmentation. Some women are up and about within a few days and others are sore for a few weeks after. The truth is that everyone is different. So, while most find their experience isn’t too bad, some will dislike the experience. That is why it’s important to be fully prepared for what’s going to happen and ensure you talk to a doctor every step of the way to ensure you’re comfortable.

Which breast implants are best for you?

Most women today enhance their breasts through breast augmentation, but they don’t know the best implant method to use.  Going for this cosmetic procedure is not bad but be aware that there are several side effects some of which may affect your health. If you want this procedure to be effective on you ensure that you it is done by a skilled and experienced breast implant specialist. Choose the best surgeon; know your goals and also the several breast implant options available as this will enable you to have a perfect breast implant. The main breast implants available today are:

Saline breast implants

This is one of the major breast implant procedure that most people use today. This procedure is easy to do; it leaves you with a uniform shape, is firm and this method is FDA-approved. The dermal filters play a very important role in maintaining one’s shape during or after breast implantation. This type of implant uses sterile salt water. Recommended for women aged 18 years and above

Silicone breast implants

This type of implant uses the silicone gel. This gel acts like a natural breast tissue and if the implant starts to leak then there are high chances that the shell may remain in the implant shell or even collapse. When a leaking implant has been filled with the silicone gel it may not collapse. Before you decide to choose this method of breast implant ensure that you have visited plastic surgeon for advice so that the implant will function well. This breast implant method is FDA-approved and is necessary for women aged 22 years and above.

Gummy bear breast implants

This is another very common breast implant method. These implants are sometimes known as the form-stable implants because they have the ability to maintain the shape of the breasts even after the shell has broken. Most women prefer this implant than the traditional implant method because of its firmness. Some of the main characteristics of the gummy bear breast implants are that they are shaped are tapered to the top and are projected at their bottom. This is a good procedure but in case the implant rotates then there may be unusual appearances at your breast.

Round breast implants

As the name suggests this type of implant procedure is the same all over. They make the breasts to look fuller than when compared with the form-stable implants. The round breasts implants are of a higher profile and this makes them able to achieve more projection.

Smooth breast implants

The smooth breast implants are another best implant procedure that is used by many people because of their soft feeling. They have the ability to give a more natural movement with the help of the breast implant pocket. They may have visible rippling or some palpable.

Last but not least, breast implants are expensive and therefore require you to have enough money. Today there are several breast implant specialists all over the world and therefore you need to be keen when choosing such a specialist because most of these people are not authorized to offer breast implant services.