What Can Go Wrong With Dermal Fillers?

While compared to other wrinkle reducing procedures or major surgery such as breast augmentation dermal filler has a small risk there can be some risks involved. In general injectable dermal fillers are minimally invasive major complications, even as rare as they are can be highly visible and very uncomfortable.

The common things that can go wrong with dermal fillers

Almost always when you get an injectable dermal filler you will have some discomfort and irritation. This is because the treatment involves putting a needle deep within your skin and injecting something. Most Doctors will use a topical anaesthetic before the injection for you and a cold compress is recommended.

Usual the most common side effects of Dermal Filler Treatment

Injectable fillers all cause a certain amount of initial discomfort. After all, treatment does involve sticking a needle deep in your skin. There are various ways to numb the treatment area prior to and immediately following injection. This can include applying a topical anaesthetic before injection and using a cold compress afterward. While many of the new fillers containe lidocaine which can help with your commons ide effects you will often still see:http://yourhealth.asiaone.com/content/how-spot-fake-dermal-filler-products

• Swelling
• Bruising
• Redness
• Soreness

None of these are serious and will clear up on their own.

Things that can happen at the dermal filler injection site
There are some more serious problems that can happen directly at the injection site for a dermal filler procedure. Often it will happen if the filler is injected to close to the surface of the skin and often they can be solved easily. These include:

• Cysts
• Bumps
• Nodules
• Granulomas
• General irregularities

Risks to your immune system due to dermal fillers

For the most part bovine collagen dermal fillers have been discontinued you don’t see as many allergic reactions as you used to. With that said there was still some bovine products in use in some places and those that come from avian tissue also contain sulfa drugs. If you think you might have an allergic reaction you should get skin testing done. Other things to watch for to do with your immune system:If you are prone to cold sores, you may get an outbreak. If you have HSV-1 you may need anti-viral medication beforehand.

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Serious complications due to dermal filler

While serious complications are rare with dermal fillers they can happen and you should know what to look for and what they are. While infections happen and can be serious they are usually treatable with antibiotics.

Other serious issues include:

• Necrosis that is usually caused by an embolization that happens intra-arterial. This will happen if anything is accidentally injected into a blood vessel.

• Tissue erosion

• Chronic pain

Lastly of the possible things that can go wrong with dermal fillers are aesthetic problems. If placement is wrong, it can cause the asymmetry of your face to be off. Beyond that, there is also a risk of overfilling and these kinds of problems will need to be corrected by cosmetic surgery.

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